Fat Phobia

Fat does not make you Fat!

So there are many misconceptions about fat and how it relates to losing weight. If you eat fat you will gain fat. Guess what is not true!!!! We actually need fat...yup you heard that right, we need fat, even saturated fats like coconut oil and butter. Fat is structurally an integral part of every single cell membrane in our bodies. We need fat to properly digest fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K which is the reason why foods like eggs actually contain both fat and fat soluable vitamins. It’s why fortified products like bread and milk make absolutely no sense because it’s not how nature had intended it.

Not to mention, fat is also needed for energy production. It provides us with an even-keeled, slow distributed source of energy and helps to stabilize our blood sugar levels to keep us full and energized. Plus we need it for hormone regulation and for the adequate use of protein. So if you’re eating egg whites – stop. You need the yolk too.

What does make you fat?

Sugar!!!! So many of us are totally addicted to sugar too, well who can blame you, so many foods are loaded with processed sugar. And....get's more addictive than heroine. Yup...crazy right??? Trust me when I say, I know your struggle with sugar. And if you’re really careful to avoid it, but are still consuming a carb-heavy diet (even with gluten-free grains), you’re running the risk of raising your insulin levels. And insulin is our fat storage hormone! It’s why many PCOS sufferers that I work with are struggling to lose weight, despite going vegetarian and avoiding fat.

Bottom line, sugar is not your's a damn straight up devil. The more you avoid it and insulin raising processed carbs the more weight will come off.

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