Meet Tania


I chose to move careers a few years ago after going through a very traumatic time in my life. I realized I needed to do more, no it wasn't a need it was a real desire to want to do more. I really did a lot of soul searching to discover what that was, most of my desire stemmed from people around me going through cancer and other degenerative diseases and once I lost someone close to me, that was it, I knew I wanted to focus on trying to help with prevention. I mean I know sometimes we can do all the right things and still get some diseases but taking the steps to be your best self was never negative. So I set upon my journey to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, so I could help educate, support and lead people to be in the best health of their lives. I'm almost...well you can guess my age but I have never felt better than I do today. I actually have more energy than in my teens, although it would be nice to have the energy of a young child but that maybe a little bit pushing things.

So 3 years ago, I because my quest taking the Holistic Nutrition Course from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I did it distance ed because the school is in Toronto and I had a full time job that I still had to do during this process. It was challenging doing both, I am thankful that I could do this process now as I don't have a family of my own just two dogs that liked to jam their nose under my arm while reading. I had two years to complete the course then had to do a large number of actual clients to for practical time and then had to finish off with a board exam. In all the process took 2 1/2 years, and now I have been licensed for over half a year and loving every minute of it. I have a private practice and have now worked quite a large number of client with varying health issues or just wanting to lose weight. It is so rewarding to see incredible changes in people's lives and know that I did that.

I've had my own struggles with health over the years, I struggled with weight for most of my life and digestive issues. Since the beginning of the course I made the changes and had my own life altering results. So I know how hard it is to take the steps to be a better you, to turn that wish, or dream to a reality.

Since graduating I have also joined an association that is one of the few organizations that helps kind of govern my profession. I had to prove I graduated and did well, plus I am insured. I must complete 30 hours of upgrades to hold a title with them which I am also known as a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner. They have worked very hard to also get Green Shield and Manulife on board to cover our services. So if you have those, ask your company to add it to their plan. Again prevention is the key! Whether you just want to be healthy, struggle with hormonal imbalance, auto immune etc or you are getting ready to start a family, whatever the reason I can help.

1044 County Road 20 West

Kingsville, ON N9Y 2E6

Tel: 519-564-2296

Makeup by Angel Face Makeup
Photography by Zishan Ali/ MelandJer Creative
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