This website will be merging with my new wellness company. BE YOU WELLNESS & EMPOWERMENT RANCH.
There I will continue my nutrition services but will also be offering Empowerment programs through Equine Assisted Learning. We will also be offering Reiki. Visit us to learn more and make sure to sign up for our emails.
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Teen Empowerment Workshops


Workshops that include:

Self Esteem


Holistic Approaches to Anxiety

Self Defence

Self Empowerment

Social Media

Health and Beauty and more...

Contact me to put you on our email list for future dates.

Recipes & Tips 

Heatlhy food doesn't have to be boring or tasteless. Discover a world of healthy eating that will tickle your senses and forever change how you think about food.

Also some tips and tricks that can help you become a healthier you!

Customized Nutritional Counseling


Personalized plans that target your goals while supporting your specific needs, while providing you the necessary education to make the best choices.

Also offering many nutritional testing from food sensitivity to deficiencies and more!


"Tania has helped me an incredible amount and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Before Tania, I was eating poorly and had very low energy. Tania worked with me and help me transform my eating habits and overall health by creating personalized clean eating meal plans. She was there for any questions I had and to keep me on track and motivated.  I have lost over 10 pounds and feel incredible with more energy. Thank you so much again Tania!"


1044 County Road 20 West

Kingsville, ON N9Y 2E6

Tel: 519-564-2296

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